Golf Pro has no Problem Helping a Stowaway

Would you as a golf fan recognize a professional golfer? Just because a man is participating in the opening golf tournament of 2013 doesn’t mean people will know who he is. Heck, two PGA Tour wins may even fail to render an abundance of recognition, and not all golfers receive as much media attention as Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. As reported by, George McNeill learned first hand that not all professionals have a celebrity status; even among their own fans!

The Hyundai Tournament of Champions is the first event of golf’s PGA Tour season, and this past Friday George McNeill was getting ready to head to the tournament via hotel courtesy car. All of a sudden a man opened a back door and made himself comfortable in the back seat before inquiring as to whether or not it was a shuttle service.

“He wanted to know if this was a shuttle to the golf course. I told him no, but I was going in that direction. He was really embarrassed, but I told him it was no problem, I was going to the course anyway,” McNeill observed humorously after chauffeuring the nice, though slightly embarrassed man to the Plantation Course clubhouse in Hawaii. The stowaway, named Steve, eventually learned through their conversation during the ride that McNeill was one of the 30 contestants in this week’s Hyundai Tournament of Champions; which, to the disappointment of fans like us at the Mark Rivkin Golf Review, has been delayed this weekend by unplayable weather. The 2013 season opening tournament is expected to conclude January 8th with golfers playing 36 holes on Monday and 18 holes Tuesday.

So if his ego was bruised by a slightly inattentive tournament goer, George McNeill showed no sign of disappointment and in fine style he made the day of one happy golf fan while giving his new friend a ride after an embarrassing incident. McNeill even told that Steve said he couldn’t wait to call his wife as well as “everyone I know!”

George McNeillThe two-time All-ACC and All-America selection, Florida State alumnus George McNeill turned pro in 1998, made his Professional Golf Association debut in 2000, and is currently number 91 on the Tour Report. He is a two-time tour winner, with victories at last year’s Puerto Rico Open, which snapped a five-year victory drought, and the 2007 Open. He also had a career high of four top-tens in 2011. He actually stepped away from professional golf for a short time in 2005 to work as an assistant pro at the Shadow Wood and Forest Country Clubs in Fort Myers, Florida, but McNeill has earned more than seven million dollars over the course of his career, and the 37 year old professional golf tour veteran has got a lot of game left in his bag.

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